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I'm very pleased with your service and will definitely be purchasing from you again. It was also very welcome that the parts turned up ahead of the estimated delivery time. Thank you.

J*****s Hall
lot back ground noise while on telephone

G*****y Smith
All information is available on your website, plus I found it very helpful and reassuring to speak to a knowledgeable member of your staff to make absolutely sure I was ordering the right items, which arrived exactly as ordered and on the correct day.

M*****s Webb
The Baxi fire bricks were delivered on time, very well packed and an excellent price. Very pleased with the purchase.

Replaced the cracked set of fire bricks with no problem.
B*****n Scaife
I contacted you about two elements of my order but have not received a reply. Both need to be returned, and for one I would like to order a replacement if you have stock. It is disappointing not to have had a reply

Although my Baxi is a Burn-all internal ash pan, for which this should be the right length, it does not fit my fire. Looking at other sites online there are three lengths of rod . Lift out Ashpan Rod 355mm, Outside Ashpan Rod 270mm, Rotary Ashpan Rod 235mm - so this 355 should be the right size but I need the 270mm one. I contacted the company to explain this, and have yet to have a reply
P*****k Magennis
I have found dealing with your company a pleasure and would certainly recommend you.i WOULD GIVE YOU 5 STARS

The grate arrived today, not used but looks fine
E*****h Grisenthwaite


Jig Stove Glasses | Jig Discounted Replacement Heat Resistant Ceramic Door | Fire Glasses

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Standard DOOR / GLASS ROPE (price per metre)
Standard Ceramic Heat Resistant Stove Rope (sold by the metre length) Standard Heat Resistant (Cord Type) Rope is sold in various diametre thicknesses.  3mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm & 25mm. This Rope can be used as .....
Ex Tax: £1.55
Based on 36 reviews.
LADDER TAPE SEAL (Self Adhesive) 15mm wide X 2mm thick (Price Per Metre)
Adhesive FLAT LADDER SEAL 15mm x 2mm (Price is Per Metre) Heat Resistant FLAT LADDER ROPE SEAL is the most universal product for sealing the glass in the appliance door.  It bends around the edge of the glass giving a seal on each s.....
Ex Tax: £3.21
Based on 48 reviews.
Rope Glue (Small Pot / Tube) 30ml
HEAT RESISTANT ROPE GLUE 30ML Heat Resistant Rope Glue for fixing Sealing Rope to stove doors. Used to fasten rope where rope is required to seal the 'doors with appliance' or 'glass with door'   .....
Ex Tax: £3.29
Based on 30 reviews.
Stove GLASS CLEANER Spray (320ml Aerosol)
Stove Glass Cleaning Spray (320ml) Stove Glass Cleaner to clean soot and tar from inside of stove glasses.  Buy ready so you can keep on top of the tar / dirt as the more it builds up, the more difficult it is to remove!! 320m.....
Ex Tax: £5.95
Based on 8 reviews.
Jig [JIG] Stove Glass [Plain Panel] - Heat Resistant Ceramic Stove Door Glass 245mm x 65mm x 4mm
Overview:Single [Plain] Stove Glass Panel for JIG JIG Fire Stoves. Measurements: 245mm wide x 65mm height x 4mm thickness. This stove door replacement glass for the Jig Jig is made from 4mm thick Heat Resistant 'Clear Ceramic'. The Glass is (Plai.....
Ex Tax: £7.42
Stove SPRAY PAINT (400ml Aerosol) | Heat Resistant (Choice 4 x Black Finishes)
STOVE 'HEAT RESISTANT' SPRAY PAINT 400ML AEROSOL CANS Stove Spray Paint for touching up and respraying appliance doors and bodies. Available in FOUR different colours. This paint has excellent thick coverage, we use it for our own app.....
Ex Tax: £9.13
Based on 4 reviews.