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Internet Orders are processed 6 days a week!


UNSURE which PARTS to Order?

Place an order & select 'PAY LATER' at 'CHECKOUT' - we will call you when we next open to check your order before taking payment on the phone.  Please make sure you leave as many contact details as possible (email & phone).

HOW we display VAT

Products in our shopping carts and checkout are individually shown WITH VAT.  The end balance will show a VAT break down.  (SUB Total show WITHOUT VAT, and TOTAL shows WITH VAT).  VAT has NOT been charged twice!!

VAT - EU & Channel Islands

All EU Countries (inc Republic of Ireland) will be charged VAT (Unless your business has an EU Vat Number).  If you do have an EU VAT Number, then contact us by email or phone to place your order and VAT will be deducted.  We use VIES as a checker.

Guernsey & Jersey - Orders to be place by email or phone and VAT will be deducted from your invoice.


Beat Increasing Costs & Save on Delivery

There is upward pressure on prices for parts and delivery costs, however we still have a price freeze! (many items have been frozen for over 3 years now).  We currently pay more for delivery on most our courier parcels than we charge our customers.  Work with us to beat the price pressure and add more parts now to your order; benefits being (1) part at hand in emergency / cold season (2) less delivery charges (3) We may be able to help you on price further.   Come talk to us and we will see if we can give you a better price to increase your order - you can have up to 30kg in one parcel!!

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