TECHNICAL - Deash Regularly

Regular Deashing will Extend the Life of your Grate & Firebars! (or reduce if you don't!)

A Grate or Firebar can burn out in no time if you do not regularly deash your fire after use (or on a daily basis).
By NOT deashing the fire DAILY, the ash which builds on the grate and firebars and creates an emense 'hot zone' on the grate / firebars.  Similar to that of a 'Blacksmiths Forge' whereby a metal rod will overheat and start a melting reaction.  The forge is obviously an extreme example, however, the effects of the increased heat have a similar effect on the life span of the grate.
Its not just about deashing and emptying the ashbox regularly (so the ashes do NOT touch the underneath of the grate / bars) but ensuring that all areas of the bars are free of ash and airflow can pass underneath the bars.  Ash should be cleaned from the back and front edges and corners of the fire / bars / grate.  This also allows the bars to move / expand freely and insures the riddle action for deashing works smoothly and unrestrictedly.
Keeping the Fire regularly 'deashed' will increase a parts life several fold.
A symptom of Grate Bars being over stressed by the appliance NOT being de-ashed regularly (or correctly) is that they will bend 'upwards'.  If your bars have bent 'downwards' then this is just normal usage / wear.