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Discounted Baxi Open Fire Replacement Ashboxes & Ashpans spares for Baxi Standard (16" & 18") and Baxi Burnall 16", 18", 20", 22", 24" open coal & wood fires.  Lift Out Ashboxs, Rotary Ash Pans & Outside Ashboxes.

The Baxi Ashpan collects and holds the ashes from the fire.  The 'Ashpan' can also be called 'Ashcan' or 'Ashbox'

Not all Baxi parts are listed yet.. If unsure or cannot see your part call / contact us or search our Internal Baxi Stock Records to display ALL Baxi spares we sell.

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001916 Baxi Grate LIFTING KEY (Burnall Fires Range)
Baxi Grate LIFTING KEY / Shovel. Part No: 001916 to suit Baxi Burnall Fires | Grates.  Shaped like a mini spade and used for lifting out the grate.  Note: This fits the Burnall Grate only.  There is another Key for the Standard.....
£9.35 £8.90
(Includes VAT)
Ex Tax: £7.42
Baxi Overnight Burning Plate Lifting Tool for removing the Overnight Burning Plate when Hot.  Fits all Baxi Fires .....
£10.69 £9.62
(Includes VAT)
Ex Tax: £8.02
AIR CONTROL LEVER SET - 000903 The listing includes: 000029 Baxi  AIR CONTROL ROD & LEVER.  This is the ROD (that goes down into the fire to control the flap) AND Triangular shaped Knob / Lever that sits o.....
£21.24 £19.50
(Includes VAT)
Ex Tax: £16.25
000079 Baxi Ashbox 16" LIFT OUT ASHBOX (SUITS 16" Burnall & Standard)
Overview Baxi 16'' LIFTOUT ASHBOX to suit Baxi 16 Inch (Both Burnall & Standard models). Measurements of the Baxi 16 inch Ash Box are: 290mm (Width Front) x 210mm (Width Back Taper) x 212mm (Height) x 190mm (Depth - Front to Back) Ensu.....
£29.92 £26.33
(Includes VAT)
Ex Tax: £21.94
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000081 Baxi ROTARY ASHBOX (SUITS 16" 18" Standard & Burnall)
Overview Baxi ROTARY ASHBOX (Half Moon Shaped) LIFTOUT ASHBOX to suit Baxi 16 & 18 Inch (Both Burnall & Standard models). Measurements of the Baxi 16 inch Ash Box are: 250mm (Width Front) x  290mm (Height) x 125mm (Depth - Fr.....
£36.22 £31.86
(Includes VAT)
Ex Tax: £26.55
Based on 2 reviews.
000179 Baxi Ashbox 18" LIFT OUT ASHBOX (SUITS 18" 20" 22" & 24" Burnall & Standard)
Overview Baxi 18'' LIFTOUT ASHBOX to suit Baxi 18", 20", 22" & 24" Open Fires.  Measurements of the Baxi 16 inch Ash Box are: 360mm (Width Front) x 250mm (Width Back Taper) x 212mm (Height) x 190mm (Depth - Front to Back) Ensure y.....
£36.22 £29.70
(Includes VAT)
Ex Tax: £24.75
Based on 2 reviews.
000180 Baxi Ashbox 13.25 Inches OUTSIDE ASHBOX (New Pattern Baxi Burnall Only)
  Overview Baxi OUTSIDE ASHBOX to suit Baxi BURNALL 16, 18, 20, 22 & 24" models.  The Ash Box is accessed from outside of the house.  Measurements of the Baxi Ash Box are: 332mm (Width Front) x  140mm (Height) .....
£36.22 £29.70
(Includes VAT)
Ex Tax: £24.75