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List of discounted Charnwood Solid Fuel Replacement; Ashpans (Ashcans & Ash Boxes) and Operating Tools for removing the Ashpan from the fire to suit; Charnwood LA10, LA20I, LA30IB, LA45IB, LA50IB, DX45IB, DX50IB, CW45IB, CW50IB stoves & roomheaters.

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Charnwood THROAT PLATE TOOL  008/FW33
Charnwood Spare Replacement Part - 008/FW33 Charnwood  THROAT PLATE TOOL (CW20i,CW45iB,CW50iB,DX20i,DX45iB,DX50iB,LA45iB.LA50iB) .....
£10.56 £9.29
(Includes VAT)
Ex Tax: £7.74
Charnwood SCRAPER TOOL  012/FW34
012/FW34 Charnwood  SCRAPER TOOL (CW20i,CW45iB,CW50iB,DX20i,DX45iB,DX50iB,LA20i,LA30iB,LA45iB,LA50iB,SLX20)  .....
£11.58 £10.26
(Includes VAT)
Ex Tax: £8.55
Charnwood RIDDLER / ASHPAN TOOL  002/BW20
Charnwood Spare Replacement Part - 002/BW20 Charnwood  RIDDLER / ASHPAN TOOL  .....
£22.80 £22.14
(Includes VAT)
Ex Tax: £18.45
Charnwood ASHPAN  004/FW17  (CW45iB, CW50iB, DX45iB, DX50iB, LA45iB, LA50iB)
004/FW17 Charnwood ASHPAN (CW45iB & CW50iB) (DX45iB & DX50iB) (LA45iB & LA50iB)   .....
£64.92 £61.02
(Includes VAT)
Ex Tax: £50.85
Charnwood ASHPAN 004/EW17 (LA30iB, CW20i, CW40B, CW40, DX20i, LA20i)
Charnwood Spare Replacement Part - 004/EW17  Charnwood  ASHPAN  .....
£66.90 £63.90
(Includes VAT)
Ex Tax: £53.25
CHARNWOOD ASH CARRIER (Size 2)  010/FW51  -  SLX45, LA45ib, 50ib, 45ib, DX45ib
The CHARNWOOD Ash Carrier is a SAFE solution for removing your Stove | Fire Ashes.  Size: Height 525mm x Width 390mm x Depth 100mm.    Simply remove your ashes from the fire and insert the whole ashpan into the Ash Carrier......
£96.00 £92.05
(Includes VAT)
Ex Tax: £76.71