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Great service and cost. Thank you.

K*****l Adderley
Good quailty part. Fit exactly in the door. Note to whoever's fitting, make sure the surface is clean and flush before fitting. Fire rope could of been longer and better quailty


C*****g Pratt
Really helpful in general about parts for my old woodburner - thank you! Will definitely use again.

They fit, not much else to say!
J*****r Ward
Great service

A*****n Rees

T*****s Mcgrouther


List of discounted AGA Rayburn Replacement Ash Pans & Cans

Ash Pans for Aga Rayburn 212S & 212SFW (& older 'Royal' model), 355S & 355M & 355SFW (& older 'Supreme' & 'Nouvelle' models), 216M & 216SFW (& older 'Multifuel' Model), Rayburn No1, No2 & No3, Regent Cookers & Rangers.. ALSO  Rayburn Roomheaters Princess, Rembrant & Rhapsody

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R1597 [PT122A] Rayburn Regent Ashpan
R1597 [PT122A] Rayburn Regent Ashpan   DIMENSIONS W220 X H67 X D310 (TAPER 220) mm .....
£34.50 £33.60
(Includes VAT)
Ex Tax: £28.00
Rayburn Rhapsody Ashpan R21 to suit Rhapsody Model Note there is also an R19 Rayburn Rhapsody Model.  R21 is the more common model.  Please check your appliance model before ordering. Dimensions are W262 X H65 X D375 (TAPER 262) .....
£38.30 £35.70
(Includes VAT)
Ex Tax: £29.75
Based on 1 reviews.
R1596 [PT68] Rayburn Royal Ashpan
RAYBURN ROYAL ASHPAN - R1596 [PT68] DIMENSIONS - W210 X H70 X D225 (TAPER 210) mm .....
£38.66 £34.50
(Includes VAT)
Ex Tax: £28.75
4471/2 [H1750] RAYBURN ASHPAN (80/30 & 80/39 Models)
RAYBURN 80/30 AND 80/39 ASHPAN W295 X H60 X D400 (TAPER 270) mm .....
£47.22 £39.00
(Includes VAT)
Ex Tax: £32.50
Based on 1 reviews.
Overview: F1003 Rayburn Rembrandt Ashpan to fit the 16 Inch fire Dimensions: 360 X 40 X 241 X 245 Ashpan Function: The Ashpan collects and holds the ashes from the fire. Jargon Buster: The 'Ashpan' can also be called 'Ash C.....
£48.00 £45.00
(Includes VAT)
Ex Tax: £37.50
Based on 2 reviews.
R1598 [22-1] Rayburn Ashpan - MF / 216
R1598 [22-1] Rayburn Ashpan - MF / 216 Dimensions are W222 X H65 X D400 (TAPER 222) mm .....
£51.12 £43.20
(Includes VAT)
Ex Tax: £36.00
R2489 [1-16228] Rayburn Ashpan - SUPREME / NOUVELLE / 355
Rayburn Ashpan - SUPREME / NOUVELLE / 355 Dimensions are W297 X H65 X D382 (TAPER 297) mm .....
£63.84 £49.90
(Includes VAT)
Ex Tax: £41.58
Based on 2 reviews.