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Product is great. Only issue was the wrong part sent initially but this rectified immediately.
W*****m Locke

C*****n Sinclair
Products arrived on time and fitted perfectly.

A*****w Brewer
Quick reliable service.

J*****h Gaff
Only complaint I have is that only 11 grate bars arrived, which left me with gaps as there are 14 in in my stove. Otherwise excellent delivery and service. Product is very good.

As above I have been left with gaps due to there being 14 grate bars in my stove but only 11 supplied.
C*****n Halligan
Happy with goods supplied and delivery service

product as required
P*****r Coad

Dalesman Stove Glass Spares

Dalesman Replacement Stove Glass | Discounted Dalesman Replacement Heat Resistant Ceramic Door | Fire Glass

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Standard DOOR / GLASS ROPE (price per metre)
Standard Ceramic Heat Resistant Stove Rope (sold by the metre length) Standard Heat Resistant (Cord Type) Rope is sold in various diametre thicknesses.  3mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm & 25mm. This Rope can be used as .....
Ex Tax:£1.55
Based on 40 reviews.
GLASS CHANNEL SEALING TAPE (Self Adhesive) 17mm wide X 2mm thick (Price Per Metre)
Adhesive GLASS CHANNEL SEALING TAPE 17mm x 2mm (Price is Per Metre) Heat Resistant FLAT GLASS CHANNEL SEAL is the most universal product for sealing the glass in the appliance door.  It bends around the edge of the glass giving a se.....
Ex Tax:£3.21
Based on 53 reviews.
Rope Glue (Small Pot / Tube) 30ml
HEAT RESISTANT ROPE GLUE 30ML Heat Resistant Rope Glue for fixing Sealing Rope to stove doors. Used to fasten rope where rope is required to seal the 'doors with appliance' or 'glass with door'   .....
Ex Tax:£3.62
Based on 32 reviews.
Stove GLASS CLEANER Spray (320ml Aerosol)
Stove Glass Cleaning Spray (320ml) Stove Glass Cleaner to clean soot and tar from inside of stove glasses.  Buy ready so you can keep on top of the tar / dirt as the more it builds up, the more difficult it is to remove!! 320m.....
Ex Tax:£6.55
Based on 9 reviews.
Stove SPRAY PAINT (400ml Aerosol) | Heat Resistant - Matt Black
STOVE 'HEAT RESISTANT' SPRAY PAINT 400ML AEROSOL CANS Matt Black Stove Spray Paint for touching up and respraying appliance doors and bodies.  This paint has excellent thick coverage, we use it for our own appliance repairs / sprays d.....
Ex Tax:£9.95
Based on 5 reviews.
Dalesman [SMALL] Stove Glass [Plain Panel] - Heat Resistant Ceramic Stove Door Glass 172mm x 159mm x 4mm
Overview:Single [Plain] Stove Glass Panel for DALESMAN SMALL Fire Stoves. Measurements: 172mm wide x 159mm height x 4mm thickness. This stove door replacement glass for the Dalesman Small is made from 4mm thick Heat Resistant 'Clear Ceramic'. The.....
Ex Tax:£12.06
Dalesman [LARGE] Stove Glass [Plain Panel] - Heat Resistant Ceramic Stove Door Glass 232mm x 232mm x 4mm
Overview: Single [Plain] Stove Glass Panel for DALESMAN LARGE Fire Stoves. Measurements: 232mm wide x 232mm height x 4mm thickness. This stove door replacement glass for the Dalesman Large is made from 4mm thick Heat Resistant 'Clear Ceramic'......
Ex Tax:£22.42