HELPLINE Opening Times

HELPLINE: 01827 713322  
Monday to Friday 10:00am to 14:00pm
Xmas: Close 19th Dec @2pm - Open 3rd Jan 10am
(When closed we have automation system to help you)
Internet Orders are processed 6 days a week.  If we have a question about your order we will call or email you.  Please ensure you register the best contact details on your order


Unsure which Parts to Order?

IF UNSURE about the part you are ordering, then ....

(1) Select PAY LATER at CHECK OUT Stage. (so you don't have to pay immediately)

(2) Add any notes you wish to the COMMENTS Section of the order (any questions you may have)

(3) We CONTACT You when we next open. (to discuss, select correct part & take pament)

You can also contact us via our webform.  If you require a call back, please include a telephone contact number and best time to call you.


ANSWER: To man a telephone line for 8 hours per day is an expensive cost to any business, however, to have NO human contact we feel is not reaching out to those customers who prefer this contact channel.  We are a small family business with orders being processed via the internet, 6 days per week.  We use our 'non telephone extra time' to ensure: emails are answered, orders are processed efficiently and generally try (and mostly achieve) not being a 'standard internet service' where there is little or no return communications.

We understand, when you have ordered your part, you want it ASAP!! - Periodically we may close our phone lines in busy Winter periods to ensure our 'behind the scenes' work (including dispatch) are running efficiently.  In the Spring / Summer we close once a week to help us with extra time to upload pictures and parts to the internet. 

This effective use of our staff resource ensures we keep our operational costs to a minimum whilst maintaining (1) high service levels standards and (2) low product costs to our customers.  If you have a part on order with us and wish to make contact during this time, please send an email via our contact form and we will action ASAP.