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(OFF Suggested / Normal Prices) (Megga Service) constantly checks prices in the market to ensure we remain competitive.  We will not (and do not) sacrifice quality of products.  We transact large volume with our suppliers, good quality parts (from suppliers we have known and trusted for over 40 years).  Our prices are kept as low as possible.

Certain stock lines have been reduced (by up to 35%) from our 'Normal Selling' price or the 'Suggested Retail Price'.

Prices move quite frequently as the cost of raw materials fluctuates (ie.. Iron).  If you think we can do better on a particular stock item (as someone else selling below our price), ask us to improve!!  We would need to check the competitors price was correct, but we would then match (and better if possible) the price. Send 'Price Reduction Request'

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‚Äč only sell the best quality products supplied by key Suppliers we have worked with for decades.  We regularly PRICE MATCH with who we consider are 'quality reliable competitors' and as such keep our prices keen.  We do not and cannot compete with cheaper grade products, sometimes seen on offer by others.

We believe our personal touch makes our service second to none!!  We are proud of the many compliments we receive about our service READ FEEDBACK.  We have customers who have been with us for over a quarter of a century (before the days of the internet!) and they still come back to us.

Thank You to all our Customers as you are the reason we are in business!!


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Coupon / Discount Terms

*You may have also been issued with a coupon giving further discounts, only one coupon can be used per order and redeemable only with an online purchase.

If unsure about your order, submit it online and opt for 'pay later' - you write your questions in the 'comments section' of the order.  We will then contact you when we next reopen.  See our Terms of Business for full information.