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Excellent service , product looks perfect .

R*****t Mcintyre

Excellent service. A great company to deal with.

S*****n Locke
Very good customer service. Questions asked, questions answered.

C*****l Ormiston
It was easy to find the correct glass I needed and the recommendation for the seal I followed which worked perfectly. The delivery was done at the earliest option. It was a pleasure dealing with you.

J*****n Mcintosh

J*****n Morgan

Grates & Fire Bars Spares

List of discounted Charnwood Solid Fuel Replacement; Fire Bars, Grates, Bottom Back Strips, Idler Bars, Grate Supports, Front Fire Bars, Front Protection Plates to suit; Charnwood LA10, LA20I, LA30IB, LA45IB, LA50IB, DX45IB, DX50IB, CW45IB, CW50IB stoves & roomheaters.

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Charnwood - CARRIER BAR ROLL PIN (PAIR)  008/BW40  (LA45iB, LA50iB, SLX45)
Charnwood Spare Replacement Part - 008/BW40 Charnwood  CARRIER BAR ROLL PIN - PAIR  (LA45iB,LA50iB,SLX45) .....
Charnwood - BOTTOM GRATE FIRE BAR 002/CG01 (SLX20, DX45iB, DX50iB, LA30iB, LA45iB, LA20i, LA50iB)
Charnwood Reproduction Replacement Part - 002/CG01 Charnwood  BOTTOM GRATE FIRE BAR  Input MIN Order Quantity to obtain web discount: 2 unit(s). Total quantity of units included in ABOVE displayed price: 1 unit(s). Larger Discoun.....
Based on 7 reviews.
Charnwood - CARRIER BAR SUPPORT (Right Hand)  002/CG08
Charnwood Spare Replacement Part - 002/CG08 Charnwood  CARRIER BAR SUPPORT RIGHT HAND  CW40, CW20I, CW40B, CW45I, CW50IB, CW50, CW50IB .....
Charnwood - CARRIER BAR SUPPORT (Left Hand)  002/CG07
Charnwood Spare Replacement Part - 002/CG07 Charnwood  CARRIER BAR SUPPORT LEFT HAND  CW20i, CW40, CW40B, CW45i, CW50iB, CW50, CW50iB .....
Charnwood - SIDE FIRE PLATE  002/HW15 (LA30iB, LA20i, SLX20, CW20i, DX20i)
Charnwood Spare Replacement Part - 002/HW15 Charnwood  SIDE FIRE PLATE  .....
Charnwood - BACK FIRE PLATE  002/HW16 (LA20i, LA30iB, SLX20, CW20i, DX20i)
Charnwood Spare Replacement Part - 002/HW16 Charnwood BACK FIRE PLATE. .....
Based on 3 reviews.
Charnwood - CARRIER BAR  002/HW30 (LA20i, LA30iB, CW20i, DX20i, SLX20)
Charnwood Spare Replacement Part - 002/HW30 Charnwood  CARRIER BAR  .....
Charnwood - IDLER ROD  012/CG05
Ex Tax:£32.77
Charnwood Spare Replacement Part - 012/CG05 Charnwood  IDLER ROD  .....
Based on 1 reviews.
Charnwood - RIDDLER ROD  012/FW14
Ex Tax:£34.20
Charnwood Spare Replacement Part - 012/FW14 Charnwood  RIDDLER ROD (CW20i, CW45iB, CW50iB, LA20i, LA30iB, LA45iB, LA50iB, DX20i, DX45iB, DX50iB, SLX20) .....
Charnwood - BACK FIRE PLATE 002/FW16 (CW50iB, CW45iB, DX50iB, DX45iB, LA50iB, LA45iB​)
Charnwood Spare Replacement Part - 002/FW16 Charnwood  BACK FIRE PLATE  Fits Charnwood Stoves CW50IB, CW45IB, DX50IB, DX45IB, LA50IB, LA45IB​ .....
Based on 4 reviews.
Charnwood - SIDE FIRE PLATE 002/FW15 (CW50iB, CW45iB, DX50iB, DX45iB, LA45iB, LA50iB)
Charnwood Spare Replacement Part - 002/FW15 Charnwood  SIDE FIRE PLATE  .....
Based on 3 reviews.
Charnwood - MOVER BAR  012/HW33  (LA20i, LA30iB, SLX20, DX20i, CW20i)
Charnwood Spare Replacement Part - 012/HW33 Charnwood  MOVER BAR  .....
Charnwood - MOVER BAR  012/EW33  (LA45iB, LA50iB, CW45iB, CW50iB, DX45iB, DX50iB)
Charnwood Spare Replacement Part - 012/EW33 Charnwood  MOVER BAR  .....
Charnwood - DEEPENING BAR  002/FW08 (DX45iB, DX50iB, CW45iB, CW50iB, LA30iB, LA45iB, LA50iB)
Charnwood Spare Replacement Part - 002/FW08 Charnwood  DEEPENING BAR  .....
Based on 1 reviews.
Charnwood - CARRIER BAR 002/EW30 (LA45iB, LA50iB, CW45iB, CW50iB, DX45iB, DX50iB, CW40, CW40B)
Charnwood Spare Replacement Part - 002/EW30 Charnwood  CARRIER BAR  .....
Based on 1 reviews.
Charnwood - FRONT FIREBAR  002/FW07 (LA50iB, LA45iB, LA30iB, LA20i, DX45iB, DX50iB, CW45iB, CW50iB)
002/FW07 Charnwood Front Firebar - HEAVILY DISCOUNTED .....
Charnwood  - 002/CG01S11 Bottom GRATE FIRE BARS (FULL SET 11 x Firebars) - 002/CG01
Charnwood  FULL SET 11 X Fire Bars (Grate Bottom Bars) Reproduction Replacement Part - 002/CG01 (002/CG01S11)  HEAVILY DISCOUNTED Fits Charnwood Stoves Bay 5GT (5 in a full set) Country 8 MF MKI / MKII (11.....
Based on 3 reviews.