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Quick and easy

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Overall the service was very good. Everything was delivered on time, and all the products did what I expected of them. Would use again if the need arises.

Well made and look good.
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Good size and lovely design.
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Although part was not the correct one in the end the help given by your team was excellent.


Vermiculite 25mm (PLAIN)

Vermiculite Fire Board for cutting bricks for stoves & fires, pizza ovens & barbecues.

Sold in FULL or HALF or QUARTER SHEETS, 25mm Thickness | Plain & Smooth

PLAIN & SMOOTH fire resistant Vermiculite Sheets, tested to 1100 degrees Centigrade. Vermiculite Board is non combustible. The Fire Boards have excellent thermal insulation properties and ideal for making Vermiculite Firebricks for solid fuel stoves, lining of fireplace openings, cut your own fire bricks for barbeques or pizza ovens.  

Vermiculite Fireboard is soft and can be easliy cut with a hand saw, drilled, sanded or shaved with a sharp stanley knife. 

Note: The actual size may be up to 2mm less on each side allowing for cutting blade width

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Vermiculite Board 25mm PLAIN | 400mm x 400mm [SKAMOL V-1100]
Vermiculite Heat Resistant Fireboard 400mm x 400mm x 25mm 25mm thick PLAIN & SMOOTH on both sides and fire resistant, tested to temperatures of over 1000 degrees Centigrade. The fireboard is non combustible. The Vermiculite boards have exc.....
Ex Tax:£24.58
Based on 17 reviews.
Vermiculite Board 25mm PLAIN | 800mm x 400mm **MUST READ NOTES - CUT IN TWO FOR DELIVERY***  [SKAMOL V-1100]
Vermiculite Heat Resistant | Fire Proof Board | Courier Delivery -  800mm x 400mm x 25mm (Cut into HALF 2x 400mm x 400mm for cheapest delivery)  25mm thickness PLAIN & SMOOTH on both sides and Fire Resistant | Fire.....
Ex Tax:£45.00
Based on 48 reviews.
Vermiculite Boards 25mm (FULL SHEETS) PLAIN | 1000mm x 610mm x 25mm ***WHOLE BOARDS BY PALLET***  [SKAMOL V-1100]
VERMICULITE BOARDS | HEAT RESISTANT | WHOLESALE PALLET DELIVERY PALLET DELIVERY (Min 1x - Max 50x fireboards per pallet) Vermiculite Heat Resistant Fireboard (1000mm x 610mm x 25mm Thick) WHOLESALE DISCOUNTED LISTING (new listing J.....
Ex Tax:£45.42