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Parkray 33G

List of Parkray 33G Roomheater | Stove spare parts.  Discounted Ashpans, Firebars, Throatplates, Door Glasses, Fire Bricks, Idler Bars, Thermostats, Front Protection Plates to fit Parkray 33G....


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115015 Parkray L/H GRATE SUPPORT  (Parkray 33)
115015 Parkray L/H GRATE SUPPORT  (Parkray 33) We can obtain these, please call to check .....
Ex Tax: £0.00
115016 Parkray R/H GRATE SUPPORT  (Parkray 33)
115016 Parkray R/H GRATE SUPPORT  (Parkray 33) Call to check availability .....
Ex Tax: £0.00
098025 Parkray U CHANNEL GLASS SEALING SET of 4 x Strips (2 x Vertical & 2 x Hortizontal)
Overview: IMPORTANT NOTE - we currently DO NOT have these in stock (OUT OF STOCK) 098025 Parkray U CHANNEL GLASS SEALING SET of 4 Strips.  The kit will be provided with 2 x shorter (Vertical) strips and 2 x larger (Horizontal) Sealing.....
£0.00 £19.74
(Includes VAT)
Ex Tax: £16.45