DU/00066 Dunsley Heat 22" BOILER DAMPER

Click to EnlargeDU/00066 Dunsley Heat  22
Brand: Dunsley Heat
Product Code: DU/00066
Availability: In Stock
Price: £38.27 £34.44
(Includes VAT)
Excluding VAT Price: £28.70
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Stock Record Item - Limited Data (use as reference for Part no & Price..

This listing does not contain the same level of detail as our main 'front page' stove listings.  We have 'enabled our 'office stock records' when clients use the 'text search function' only to help them with part numbers and prices.

If you wish to order this part (and based on the lack of information & photos), we would recommend you call (or email) us firstly - we will then double check this is infact the part you require.

You may well have been directed to this page after speaking with us, in which case please continue to place your order.

Thanks for your patience whilst we continue to update our stove parts information.

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