Privacy Policy

We totally respect your privacy, any data you provide us when buying or enquiring about a product is kept safely and securely within our company infrastructure.
Upon you visiting our website, we see and utilise your IP address.  This helps us work out where you are located and auto populates delivery location (should you buy).  The IP address is also used by Google Analytics which helps us monitor our track geographical information.  (we have no idea of who you are when you visit, just your geographical location)!
Upon you placing an order we ask for basic details to enable the order to proceed.  From this information, the following will be passed to the ‘Courier Service’ to enable them to successfully complete their role; (1) Name (2) Postal Address (3) Cost of Part for Insurance (4) Phone No (courier will call if issues delivering).
Items purchased whereby we are ‘out of stock’ whether this be known or unexpectedly, we may ask our suppliers to send the item to you directly, this ensures we maintain our delivery times.  As such the following information will be passed to our supplier; (1) Name (2) Postal Address (3) Part Ordered (4) Contact No.
We have a very good relationship with our suppliers, some of them we have known for over 30 years, whilst we are not responsible for their data security, we do trust and respect they will hold our customers data safely and securely, as they have for many years. 
No other personal customer information is passed to any suppliers or contracted services other than those mentioned above.
As a company we may keep information about your appliance on file (if you provided this to us) and as such occasionally email you (no more than four times per year) should we have interesting news or promotions on appropriate parts.  When submitting an enquiry or purchase, advise us if you do NOT wish to be contacted by email and we will respect this.
Should you wish to view data we hold about you, then enquire via our email enquiry form, where appropriate, you may have the data erased, rectified or amended.