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LADDER TAPE SEAL (Self Adhesive) 15mm wide X 2mm thick (Price Per Metre)

Click to EnlargeLADDER TAPE SEAL (Self Adhesive) 15mm wide X 2mm thick (Price Per Metre)
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Adhesive FLAT LADDER SEAL 15mm x 2mm (Price is Per Metre)

Heat Resistant FLAT LADDER ROPE SEAL is the most universal product for sealing the glass in the appliance door.  It bends around the edge of the glass giving a seal on each side of the glass.  It is SELF ADHESIVE so does NOT require GLUE.  The size of the LADDER ROPE SEAL is 15mm wide X 2mm thick however we may send out 17mm wide depending on stock.  The quoted price and units are shown as ONE Metres lengths.

Glue is NOT required as the rope sits around the glass and is fastened in by the glass retaining strips.

It is important when buying Sealing Rope that you use the correct one according to the manufactures instructions; so please be sure to check.  Poorly fitted rope can result in a poor air seal to your appliance which will make it burn quicker than it should and can also crack the glass.  Other Rope you should take a look at is Standard Sealing Rope

TIP: The 'Tape Seal' should go around ALL edges of the Glass.  To work out the total length of seal required, add all sizes of the glass together.. ie.. A Glass measuring 250mm x 300mm would be 250mm + 250mm + 300mm + 300mm = 1100 (1.1 Metres) so you would need to order 2 metres of 'Sealing Tape'

Help on Fitting can be seen in our 'Help on Installing New Stove Glasses'