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Wonderfire [LIBERTY | SENATOR] Stove Glass [Plain Panel] - Heat Resistant Ceramic Stove Door Glass 390mm x 339mm x 4mm

Click to EnlargeWonderfire [LIBERTY | SENATOR] Stove Glass [Plain Panel] - Heat Resistant Ceramic Stove Door Glass 390mm x 339mm x 4mm
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Single [Plain] Stove Glass Panel for WONDERFIRE LIBERTY | SENATOR Fire Stoves. Measurements: 390mm wide x 339mm height x 4mm thickness. This stove door replacement glass for the Wonderfire Liberty | Senator is made from 4mm thick Heat Resistant 'Clear Ceramic'. The Glass is (Plain) meaning it has 4 sharp corners (i.e NOT Shaped Corners)

MIN ORDER QUANTITY to obtain web discount is: (1) Panel(s). The displayed price is for (1) Glass Panel

NOTE BEFORE ORDERING: Always check the size (Width | Height) of the Glass you are ordering matches your existing WONDERFIRE glass. This WONDERFIRE Stove Door Glass Panel is 4mm thick and is FLAT (i.e the glass sits FLAT on a surface and is NOT 'Concaved' or 'Bent'). We STONGLY RECOMMEND you fit new seals - see our TECHNICAL HELP Section. Seals NOT included in Price. To order seals at special subsidised prices see ROPE SEAL & GLASS CLEANERS.

All Glass orders are EXTREMELY WELL PACKAGED and delivered by COURIER to ensure SAFE DELIVERY.

Fits Wonderfire Models

Wonderfire Liberty | Senator

Stove Glasses Function:

The Fire 'Glass' (whether Strips or Panels) acts as a barrier between the fire and the room yet allows the flames to be viewed with the stove door closed. The Glass seals the stove and slows the oxygen entering the appliance, hence preventing the fire from buring too rapidly, thus acting as a 'fuel saver'. It is important when fitting Replacement Stove Glasses' that they are well sealled into the door with either; 'Sealing Tape' Or 'Ladder Braid' (some stoves sit the glass against the Rope. Rope is used to seal the actual Door against the appliance. See our Rope Section Click here to View Stove Ropes & Braids Lists

Jargon Buster:

The 'Glasses' can also be called ' Fire Glasses' or 'Heat Resistant Glasses' or 'Door Glasses' or 'Ceramic Stove Glasses' - many combinations!!

Other Related Useful Products:

When replacing your glasses, there may be various sundry items you require. We sell [Ceramic Heat Resistant Fire Rope] for sealing the glass to the fire door. [Rope Glue] for fastening the [Rope] to the door. [Glass Cleaner] which can be used to keep the new glass clean. Glass cleaner can either be in the form of a [spray] or a [brush on gel]. We also stock [non chemical cleaners] such as special [Glass Cleaning Pads]. Glasses are held in by [Glass Retaining Bars] which we also stock. See our 'Sundries Section' Click here to View Stove Sundry Accessories.