Coalbrookdale Severn FULL SET 15 x Firebars - 8 x C1076 (D353) & 7 x C1077 (D358)

Click to EnlargeCoalbrookdale Severn FULL SET 15 x Firebars - 8 x C1076 (D353) & 7 x C1077 (D358)
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FULL SET of Firebars for Coalbrookdale SEVERN Stove. There are a total of 15 Firebars in a SEVERN stove. (8 x C1076 (D353) LOWER Bar & 7 x C1077 (D358) UPPER Bar) .  Length of the bar is approx 305mm.

Input MIN Order Quantity to obtain web discount: 1 unit(s). Total quantity of units included in ABOVE displayed price: 15 unit Bars.

Fits Parkray Models


Fire Bar Function:

The Firesbars support the Fuel (from falling into the Ashpan) when it is burning. There are several Firebars in a DARBY and SEVERN Appliance.  15 Firebars in a SEVERN stove. (8 x Low Lift & 7 x High Lift) and 19 Bars in the DARBY (10 x Low Lift & 9 x High Lift). When measuring your old bars to compare, beaware that as Firebars are used, they increase in length (hence the reason you see them warp and bend over time), this is why the De-ashing mechanisim very often stops moving. So the new bars you order will very often be slightly smaller (bars increase by between 10mm and 20mm).

Jargon Buster:

The 'Firebar' can also be called the 'Grate Bar' or 'Riddling Bar'

Other Related Useful Products:

Order a FULL Set to qualify for extra discount, see 'other' listing for FULL SET or contact us. Whilst replacing the Firebars(s) you should check the condition of (a) the 'Grate Support Bar' (also known as 'Grate Guide' or 'Back Support Bar') and (b) The 'Shaker Bar' (also known as 'Shaker Bar Assembly'). We also stock both of these replacement parts.

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