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W*****m Bennie
Efficient service as always. Easy ordering / quick delivery

M*****n Jones
lot back ground noise while on telephone

G*****y Smith
Order cancelled as delivery charges were extortionate

Prefer cancelled as delivery charges were extortionate
N*****l Macmillan
Excellent service, friendly staff. First Class

J*****e Gordon
Website particularly helpful. Fast delivery appreciated.

Perfect - exactly what we needed.
F*****k Jensen

Outdoor GRILLS Spares

Outdoor Grills are built from ceramics with an outer surface glaze that is extremely resistant to weathering. Highly durable and will not rust or crack. The Grills have precise temperature control for cooking temperatures between 80°C and 350°C. All of the metal work is rust resistant stainless steel.

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410-K13 13" Mi-Fire Kamado Grill
Overview: FREE DELIVERY The Mi-Fire Kamado Grills are charcoal fuelled ceramic grills which allow for efficient heating and minimal flavour contamination. The Mi-Fire Kamado Grills are built from ceramics with an attractive outer surf.....
Ex Tax:£166.66