112102 Parkray Ashpit Cover Hook (Metric Thread) Steel

Click to Enlarge112102 Parkray Ashpit Cover Hook (Metric Thread) Steel
Brand: Parkray
Product Code: 112102
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This part is supplied with an METRIC Thread (there are also Metric Threaded types available).

Input MIN Order Quantity to obtain web discount: 1 unit(s). Total quantity of units included in ABOVE displayed price: 1 unit(s).

Fits Parkray Models

111 CAPRICE, 111 CHEVIN, 111 CHILTERN, 111 CLASSIC, 111 CONSORT, 111 CUMBRIA, 111F CHEVIN, 111F CHILTERN, 111F CONSORT, 111G-(MK1), 111G-(MK2), 111GF-(MK1), 111GF-(MK2), 111GL-(MK1), 111GL-(MK2), 111GT, 111TF, 33 CHEVIN, 33 CLASSIC, 33 CONSORT, 33G, 33GL, 33GT, 33T, 33X, 36 CHILTERN, 36F CHEVIN, 36F CHILTERN, 36GF, 36TF, 65 CAPRICE, 65 CHEVIN, 65 CLASSIC, 65 CONSORT, 65F CHEVIN, 65F CONSORT, 65G, 65GF, 65GL, 65GT, 65Q, 65T, 65TF, 66 CAPRICE, 66 CHEVIN, 66 CHILTERN, 66 CLASSIC, 66 CONSORT, 66G, 66GF, 66GL, 66GT, 66T, 66TF, 76 CAPRICE, 76 CHEVIN, 76 CONSORT, 76F CHEVIN, 76F CONSORT, 76G, 76GF, 76GL, 76Q, 77 CAPRICE, 77 CHEVIN, 77 CLASSIC, 77 CONSORT, 77F CHEVIN, 77F CONSORT, 77G, 77GF, 77GL, 88 CAPRICE, 88 CHEVIN, 88 CLASSIC, 88 CONSORT, 88F CHEVIN, 88F CONSORT, 88G, 88GF, 88GL, 88GT-(MK 2), 88GT-(MK1), 88PD, 88PF, 88Q, 88QF, 88T-(MK 2), 88T-(MK1), 88TF-(MK 2), 88TF-(MK1), 99 CAPRICE, 99 CHEVIN, 99 CHILTERN, 99 CLASSIC, 99 CONSORT, 99 CUMBRIA, 99F CHEVIN, 99F CONSORT, 99G, 99GF, 99GL, 99GT-(MK1), 99GT-(MK2), 99T-(MK1), 99T-(MK2), 99TF-(MK1), 99TF-(MK2), 99X, 99XF

Ashpit Cover Hook Function:

The Ash Pit Cover Hooks support and hold in place the Ashpit Cover Plate (The Ashpit holds the Ashpan).

Jargon Buster:

No other known names!

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