086007 Parkray Grate Frame (Outer Frame) Cast Iron

Click to Enlarge086007 Parkray Grate Frame (Outer Frame) Cast Iron
086007 Parkray Grate Frame (Outer Frame) Cast Iron 086007 Parkray Grate Frame (Outer Frame) Cast Iron
Brand: Parkray
Product Code: 086007
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Supports a GRATE in the Centre of the 'Outer Grate Frame' (NOT for Fires with 'Firebars')

Input MIN Order Quantity to obtain web discount: 1 unit(s). Total quantity of units included in ABOVE displayed price: 1 unit(s).

Fits Parkray Models

88G, 88GF, 88GL, 88GT-(MK1), 88GT-(MK2), 88PD, 88PF, 88Q, 88QF, 88T-(MK1), 88TF-(MK1) AND 99 MODELS (MK2)

Grate Frame Function:

The 'Outer Frame' supports the 'Grate or Firebars'. The 'Outer Grate Frame' is made of Cast Iron (where as the Grate or Firebars it holds are usually made from more robust Chrome Iron). The Outer Grate Frame is less often replaced than the 'Centre Grate' or 'Firebars'. If replacing the 'Outer Grate Frame' it is likely you will dislodge the Firebricks. Fire Cement will be required to secure them back in place.

Jargon Buster:

The 'Outer Grate Frame' can also be called 'Bottom Grate' or 'Bottom Grate Frame'

Other Related Useful Products:

We also Stock replacement Fire Bricks, Fire Cement and the inner (Centre) 'Grate' or 'Firebars'

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