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115054 Parkray De-Ashing Lever Arm (LOW Level) Cast Iron

Click to Enlarge115054 Parkray De-Ashing Lever Arm (LOW Level) Cast Iron
Brand: Parkray
Product Code: 115054
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For Appliances with TWO Piece Grates and where the 'De-Ashing' is LOW Level and the 'Shaker Knob' is located at the Front of the Appliance. If your Appliance has individual Firebars, then this listed part will NOT fit. There are TWO types of 'De-ashing' (High and Low Level). Low Level has a De-ashing Knob at the Bottom Front (Low Level) Right Hand Side, where as 'High Level' the knob is located on the right hand side (towards the TOP) at 'High Level'. This listing is for LOW appliances with LOW level knobs / Lever.

Input MIN Order Quantity to obtain web discount: 1 unit(s). Total quantity of units included in ABOVE displayed price: 1 unit(s).

Part is now Obsolete / Discontinued from Parkray

Fits Parkray Models

88G, 88GL, 88GF, 88T-(MK2), 88GT-(MK2), 88TF-(MK2)

De-Ashing Lever Arm Function:

The 'De-Ash Lever' is a component in the Fire which enables the grate to be riddled (shaken). The 'De-Ash Lever fits below the Grate (internally in the Fire) at the rear of the Parkray appliance. One end of the 'De-Ash Lever' attaches to the 'Grate' and the other end to the 'Shaker Rod'. There are two types of 'De-Ashing Assemblies' (Low & High Level)

Jargon Buster:

The 'De-Ash Lever Arm' can also be called 'Riddling Lever', 'Riddling Arm', 'Bottom Grate Lever' or 'De-Ashing Assembly'

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We also stock the 'Shaker Rod' which attaches to the 'De-Ash Lever'