098024-SINGLE Parkray Door Glasses (Single Glass Strip) 255mm x 40mm x 4mm

Click to Enlarge098024-SINGLE Parkray Door Glasses (Single Glass Strip) 255mm x 40mm x 4mm
Brand: Parkray
Product Code: GLASSSTRIP-098024
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Single Ceramic Glass Strip (255mm x 40mm x 4mm). For appliances with ONE or TWO Doors that house 'Strips' of Glass.  The price displayed is for ONE unit with a minimum order quantity of 3 units.  See other listing for a FULL Set

Note: We AUTOMATICALLY send out the more popular 4mm THICK Ceramic Glass Strips, unless you select 3mm from the dropdown box on the listing. Check your current glass thickness if replacing and adding these strips to other existing ones.

Input MIN Order Quantity to obtain web discount: 3 unit(s). Total quantity of units included in ABOVE displayed price: 1 unit(s).

Fits Parkray Models

111G-(MK1), 111G-(MK2), 111GF-(MK1), 111GF-(MK2), 111GL-(MK1), 111GL-(MK2), 111TF, 33G, 33T, 36TF, 65G, 65Q, 65T, 65TF, 66G, 66GF, 66Q, 66QF, 66T, 66TF, 76G, 76GF, 76Q, 77G, 77GF, 77Q, 77QF, 88G, 88GF, 88PD, 88Q, 88QF, 88T-(Mk 2), 88T-(MK1), 88TF-(Mk 2), 88TF-(MK1), 99G, 99GF, 99T-(MK1), 99T-(MK2), 99TF-(MK1), 99TF-(MK2), EVERGLOW

Door Glasses Function:

The Fire 'Glass' (whether Strips or Panels) acts as a barrier between the fire and the room yet allows the flames to be viewed with the door closed. The Glass seals the appliance and slows the oxygen entering the appliance, hence preventing the fire from buring too rapidly.

Jargon Buster:

The 'Glasses' can also be called ' Fire Glasses' or 'Heat Resistant Glasses' or 'Door Glasses'.

Other Related Useful Products:

When replacing your glasses, there 'may' be several items you require. We sell 'Glass Cleaner' which can be used to keep the new glass clean. Glass cleaner can either be in the form of a 'spray' or a 'brush on gel'. We also stock 'non chemical' cleaners such as special 'Glass Cleaning Pads'. Glasses are held in by 'Glass Retaining Bars' which we also stock.

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