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Parkray Coalmaster (Mk1)

List of Parkray Coalmaster (Mk1) Roomheater | Stove spare parts.  Rare Parts for the EARLY Coalmaster Mk1 (Mark 1)....



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There are very few Coalmaster Mk1 stoves left in the country.  Parts for the Coalmaster are almost extinct.  We CAN obtain and do stock some parts the Coalmaster Mk1.

The following is a list of Part Numbers of spares we hold or can obtain for the Coalmaster Mark 1

Parkray Coalmaster Mk1 - ASHPAN & GRATE SPARES

101049 Front Firebar
101013 Ashpit Cover
101032 Bottom Grate Frame
101033 Bottom Grate
101049 Front Firebar
101046 Front Protection Plate
101049 Front Firebar

101052 Shaker Bar
101057 Ashpan

Parkray Coalmaster Mk1 - FIRE BRICKS
101026 Side Firebrick - Right Hand
101027 Side Fire Brick - Left Hand
101028 Top Front Fire Brick
101029 Top Back Fire Brick
101030 Bottom Back Brick

Parkray Coalmaster Mk1 - DOOR GLASSES & SPARES
101068 Cleaning Door
101075 Glass Panel
101074 Glass Door Strips

101031 Secondary Air Chamber

There are no products to list in this category.